Have Camera. Will Travel.

My photography is meant to tell a story. This site will introduce you to my work. It is varied, although I concentrate on Ultra endurance  running events, and  the landscapes in which they occur.   When the work  comes together, action, light and stillness, the images become found memories of these times in which we live.

Shooting ultra’s is physical. I put my sweat into the ground, my footprints on the trails, I wonder at the vista’s and seek the comfort of the shade, the warmth of the sun. I have worked hard to be good enough to be asked to do this work, to share this quest. I appreciate the runners, their effort. I wait for them in silence, the wild mountain sage and thyme changes with the breeze. The runners' footfall is signal, my response must equal theirs, attention must be paid in similar ways; to light, to footing, to timing, to breath. Breath in, exhale, find stillness, wait, shoot.  “Hey man, good work." me to them. “Hey man, thanks for being here”.  As old and honorable as Bedouin in the sands, as  traders on the Silk Road, as Apache hunting parties  in search of game,heading south under a sliding moon, we are here with our sweat and our blood; our dreams. Our very best work will meet in this one moment. We are one and then we move on, the story to be told later around the modern versions of campfires and oases. It becomes legend. I feel  like I  might understand the hunters who returned to the Lascaux Caves and started painting on the wall even as they ate their kill. Their stories needed telling, speaking as they did of a future that was bound to the past and present, all time in the single moment.  My job, I realize, is painting  these stories on a virtual wall. It takes everything I have on the day. And everything I have been. It has been a long time coming this work of mine, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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